Fairy Canary Spring party 2

May 18th

Celebrate spring! This May we have a great big magical party lined up, along the same lines of the Archaic Halloween and Summer Tribe parties. For one magical day, Canaries will become fairies! You can become your favorite kind of fairy- an ethereal delicate being, a Kokiri, a flower child, or even a faun, dryad, or satyr. All kinds of Fae and fair folk are welcome.

We’ll be serving up the best kinds of fairy food: fresh fruits and veggies, alongside nuts and seeds. For you carnivorous fae, don’t fret: there will be roasted pheasants- oops, I mean chicken- and sausages to roast over the fire.

Magical activities will include:

-Crafts with Josephina!
-Bonfire and drum circle
-Bubble blowing
-And lots more coming soon!
-Face painting with Marcy
-Cooking with Josh
-Possible Fire Spinning performances by Coryn and Pyrate

Do you have additional crafty activities or yummy spring recipes? As always, Canary events are entirely volunteer-run. If you’d like to help out with any of the listed activities, please comment! Canary parties are always as good as the people volunteering to make great things happen. If we all pitch in a little, we’ll continue to have fantastic parties second to none!

Leads needed:
May Pole
Face Painting
Bubble Blowing

The magic happens May 18th. If anyone will be coming from points far away, we may be able to arrange for overnight accommodations. There is no door charge for the event but if you have the finances, a small contribution goes a long way. Donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to cover food expenses, and put towards our continued events.

So bring out your drums, your crystals, your wings, and your best fairy attire. We are going all out for this beautiful spring celebration!

Craft-O-Ween Saturday October 21st

Halloween + Crafts, Craft-O-Ween!

At every Canary event, we make something, usually delicious food. This Halloween, we have so much more in store!

In addition to our amazing food, there will be Crafts!
Pumpkin Carving! (Need volunteers to sign up)
Paint dipping with Olivia
Pumpkin Spice All The Things with Freya
Hanging Lace Lamps with Michelle
Chocolate Fountain provided by Chris
Epic Bonfire + S’mores with Christian and Scribbles
Halloween playlist provided by Maryann

Canary’s board gaming crew will also be making a return with Freya!

We need volunteers to help with pumpkin carving and running crafts! If you see a craft you’re excited about, let us know.

We do have a few minions who -love- to cook, but we still need an Overlord to command them!

If you have other crafty or culinary ideas, tell us and we will make it happen!

Lastly, I have a question. Does anyone else want to start “Bring Your Own Steak” as a thing Canary does? As someone with a billion allergies, steaks and other grilled things are something I can generally handle without much effort. I know there’s got to be a few people in Canary who would love to have an excuse to grill. Growing up, it wasn’t a proper blizzard party unless we were knee deep in snow while manning the grill!


Add a comment if you’d like Canary’s contact information/location and we’ll be in touch.

MAGFeast Saturday May 27

Join Canary Nation as we partner with the Music And Gaming Festival to throw an amazing party featuring what MAGFest does best: music and games! Come on out for burgers fresh off the grill, live music, and epic games. Relax in the Tea Room or get your competitive fix outside with lawn sports.

Canary is a mental health inclusive night life event group. We believe that as a metric for the health of our social environments, we should look to people who are more sensitive to problematic conditions. By collaboratively striving to make our events appealing and safe for these “canaries,” in the process we create spaces that are more comfortable and fun for everyone.

If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, etc, you will discover a safe, caring, and inclusive space. It is our amazing volunteers who make this happen, and we want YOU on our team! Whether you’re full of awesome ideas, are having a rough day, or don’t know how exactly you can help, there are always opportunities for those who want to contribute. Simply having an attitude of caring and support goes a long way.

Canary events are as awesome as the volunteers who make them happen. We have a big space, a moderate budget, and a lot of creative minds. Our most amazing events happen when everyone contributes. So far on the roster we have:

Canary events are known for having amazing food. Pomegranate Pecan Chicken, Malaysian Pumpkin Curry, etc. We will be grilling up burgers, and the Deluxe Expansion Pack includes Waffle Burgers with a buffet of toppings. To unlock, we need people to bring toppings and set up the waffle irons.
Volunteers needed: 7

Jam Sesh! Are you an undiscovered talent? Is your best friend the next DJ Cutman? Seize your chance for a big break and sign up to play. Volunteers needed: 5

Bring your favorite game and your favorite gamers. If you’ve ever driven your friends crazy with your obsession over “that one game” this spot is for you! We want people with an infectious passion about the game they’re bringing. Our host tragically only has Mario Kart for the Switch, so bring other consoles, mini TVs, and games.
Volunteers needed: 4

Field Day:
We have a huge yard just waiting to be played on. If you want to play touch football, soccer, or Smack the Exercise Ball With Your Face, here’s your chance to have it added to the roster.
Volunteers needed: 3

Anything else you’d want to do? We welcome your ideas! Canary shares the famous MAG attitude, “If you have an idea to make awesome happen, speak up!” Just comment below or message the host, Scribbles. If you’d like more information about Canary check out our about and Principles of Citizenship.

Most of Canary’s policies are similar to MAGFest, but with one significant difference: Canary-hosted events are always sober. In order to support and include people overcoming addiction, we don’t allow any drug & alcohol references or use at our events. While this policy does not extend to nicotine products, we strongly encourage attendees to support those who are overcoming nicotine addiction by avoiding its use or reference.

For more info, check out MAGFest Slack Channel:

Archaic Halloween October 22nd

bonfirecandle-794312_960_720 autumn-20461_960_720pumpkin-917432_960_720

A tribute to our long gone ancestors, Canary presents: Archaic Halloween. In keeping with themes of days long gone, we’ll have almost no electric lighting, only candles, torches, and of course, a bonfire. Share memorable family tales passed down through generations with friends around the fire.

We have several activities planned for the evening, please comment on this event link if you’d be interested in participating in a specific one, or multiple ones.

An hour before the official start time, pumpkin carving begins with C–, K–, and V–. By the time the majority of people arrive, we should have a few freshly made Jack-O-Lanterns burning away.

We have an amazing kitchen team including N–, M–, S–, and Scribbles, but we’re looking for more volunteers who love to cook. We plan on making one of Scribbles’ favorites, an old Persian family recipe of Gormeh Sabzi with potato rather than beans.

As dusk settles into night, we’ll have a bonfire running throughout the party managed by several people including E– and V–.

A friend of mine is an actual witch and she plans on doing a few readings.

There -may- be a costume contest, but we need a few funny judges to sign up.

We’re still looking for more volunteers who’d like to make interesting stuff happen! If you’ve got an idea that you’d like to see happen at this event, comment and I’ll add it. For example, if you can face paint, play an instrument around a fire, or spin some fire, everyone would appreciate it.

If many of us are pitching in, we can continue to make awesome happen. In addition to the activities above, we need these rolls filled too!

Decorations/Venue Prep: Got a flare for crafty stuff? We need staff to put up cool decorations (and take them down after!). We need people to keep all the candles lit and managed, so that a fire doesn’t happen.

Clean up: We need several people interested in helping make sure the venue looks better than when we started. I could use a friend or two as well to come over Sunday after the party and help tie up any loose ends.

Location: Derwood – For details, contact Scribbles