Archaic Halloween October 22nd

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A tribute to our long gone ancestors, Canary presents: Archaic Halloween. In keeping with themes of days long gone, we’ll have almost no electric lighting, only candles, torches, and of course, a bonfire. Share memorable family tales passed down through generations with friends around the fire.

We have several activities planned for the evening, please comment on this event link if you’d be interested in participating in a specific one, or multiple ones.

An hour before the official start time, pumpkin carving begins with C–, K–, and V–. By the time the majority of people arrive, we should have a few freshly made Jack-O-Lanterns burning away.

We have an amazing kitchen team including N–, M–, S–, and Scribbles, but we’re looking for more volunteers who love to cook. We plan on making one of Scribbles’ favorites, an old Persian family recipe of Gormeh Sabzi with potato rather than beans.

As dusk settles into night, we’ll have a bonfire running throughout the party managed by several people including E– and V–.

A friend of mine is an actual witch and she plans on doing a few readings.

There -may- be a costume contest, but we need a few funny judges to sign up.

We’re still looking for more volunteers who’d like to make interesting stuff happen! If you’ve got an idea that you’d like to see happen at this event, comment and I’ll add it. For example, if you can face paint, play an instrument around a fire, or spin some fire, everyone would appreciate it.

If many of us are pitching in, we can continue to make awesome happen. In addition to the activities above, we need these rolls filled too!

Decorations/Venue Prep: Got a flare for crafty stuff? We need staff to put up cool decorations (and take them down after!). We need people to keep all the candles lit and managed, so that a fire doesn’t happen.

Clean up: We need several people interested in helping make sure the venue looks better than when we started. I could use a friend or two as well to come over Sunday after the party and help tie up any loose ends.

Location: Derwood – For details, contact Scribbles