Craft-O-Ween Saturday October 21st

Halloween + Crafts, Craft-O-Ween!

At every Canary event, we make something, usually delicious food. This Halloween, we have so much more in store!

In addition to our amazing food, there will be Crafts!
Pumpkin Carving! (Need volunteers to sign up)
Paint dipping with Olivia
Pumpkin Spice All The Things with Freya
Hanging Lace Lamps with Michelle
Chocolate Fountain provided by Chris
Epic Bonfire + S’mores with Christian and Scribbles
Halloween playlist provided by Maryann

Canary’s board gaming crew will also be making a return with Freya!

We need volunteers to help with pumpkin carving and running crafts! If you see a craft you’re excited about, let us know.

We do have a few minions who -love- to cook, but we still need an Overlord to command them!

If you have other crafty or culinary ideas, tell us and we will make it happen!

Lastly, I have a question. Does anyone else want to start “Bring Your Own Steak” as a thing Canary does? As someone with a billion allergies, steaks and other grilled things are something I can generally handle without much effort. I know there’s got to be a few people in Canary who would love to have an excuse to grill. Growing up, it wasn’t a proper blizzard party unless we were knee deep in snow while manning the grill!


Add a comment if you’d like Canary’s contact information/location and we’ll be in touch.